If you are facing criminal charges for Drugs, Assault, any Domestic Violence crime, Theft, Sex Assault, DUI or for any Crime of Violence in Arapahoe County, it is a scary situation. Your freedom, reputation and criminal record are all at stake. You need an experienced  Jefferson County criminal defense attorney on your side fighting for you. At Seawell & Buckmelter, PC we provide aggressive legal counsel for people facing Felony or Misdemeanor criminal charges in the metro Denver area.

Experience counts

top 100 trial lawyersWhether you have been wrongly accused or are guilty as charged, you need an experienced attorney. Vince Buckmelter (20 years criminal trial experience) and Malcolm Seawell (22 years criminal trial experience) have the background, knowledge and experience to represent you in your fight through the criminal justice system.

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Representation

We represent people facing any Felony or Misdemeanor criminal charge. Our practice includes cases charging Murder, Assault, Sex Assault, Drug Distribution/Manufacturing, Drug Possession, Weapons offenses, all Domestic Violence offenses, Theft/Fraud, Juvenile offenses, Restraining Order cases and DUI. In addition, we represent people pursuing the sealing of criminal records, DMV issues and civil restraining orders.lead council rated lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Jefferson County and the Surrounding Areas

We accept cases in Jefferson County, as well as Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Adams County, Broomfield  and Boulder and the municipal courts within each county including Aurora, Castle Rock, Littleton, Parker, and Lakewood.

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Colorado Defense Attorneys Seawell and Buckmelter

Don’t let a criminal conviction put a mark on your record.  Call us today to set up an appointment with an experienced Douglas County criminal attorney.

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