Denver, Colorado Weapons Related Defense Attorneys

At Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, our attorneys handle all weapons related cases. Weapons laws vary across the metro area. What is allowed in one county may be prohibited in another. In our years of practice, we have become familiar not only with all the local laws but also all the local judges, prosecuting attorneys, and varying policies and procedures regarding weapons offenses. We can help you if you are charged with possessing a dangerous or illegal weapon, including guns, knives, switch blades.

We can also provide careful representation to individuals who have suffered a previous felony conviction and are accused of Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender.

If you are facing weapon related charges, you need the assistance of an accomplished Colorado criminal defense attorney. Contact Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, today.

Our lawyers have had a great deal of experience representing clients in cases dealing with both concealed weapons charges and dangerous weapons charges. We will put that experience to work for you.

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